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The People

Welcome to the people section.

Below are the members who form the 2015/2016 JBA Commitee.


Ann Marie Vibert

Ann Marie Vibert - RBC

Emiko Caerlewy-Smith

Emiko Caerlewy-Smith (Vice President) - Barclays

Tracy Garrad

Tracy Garrad - HSBC

Richard Musty

Richard Musty - Lloyds

Tom Hill

Tom Hill (President) - UBS

Anoop Ghai

Anoop Ghai - Citibank

Richard Ingle

Richard Ingle - Standard Chartered

James Poutney

James Poutney - Santander

David Myatt

David Myatt - BNP Paribas

Will Thorpe

Will Thorpe - Standard Bank

Andreas Tautscher

Andreas Tautscher - Deutsche Bank

Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin - RBSI